The Domusa Teknik 40 MLK trusts in Walden to spread the word about the race

The organizers of the Domusa Teknik 40 MLK have chosen our communication agency to help them in the communicative diffusion of this mountain race in the Basque Country. A trust that fills us with satisfaction, especially because of the passion we have for trail running, moreover, we love to work with new races full of enthusiasm and desire to do well!

The Domusa Teknik 40 MLK was launched last May with success, exhausting all the available numbers and is already preparing for the second edition that will take place on Saturday, May 6, 2023. The first edition crowned the Basque runners Aritz Egea and Oihana Azkorbeitia, in male and female categories respectively, as the first winners of this trail race designed to enjoy the mountain with a route that will not leave indifferent those who sign up.

Cuarenta milak –froty miles– gives the name to this impressive ultra trail race. In this 65-kilometer course, which will start and finish in the town of Azpeitia (Guipúscoa), participants will have to overcome some of the best-known mountains of the Middle Urola, such as Arroita or Arauntza (612 meters), Sañu (616 meters), Gazume (1. 002 meters), the Hernio (1.078 meters), the Murumendi (868 meters), the Izaspi (973 meters), the Hiruarrieta or Samiño (933 meters) and the Xoxote (912 meters).

From Walden, we especially like to work in sporting events like this race because, in the end, they are the sauce of outdoor sports. For this reason, we enjoy working in the field of communication in events such as those organized by The IRONMAN Group in Spain, the MARNATON open water swimming events, the stage races organized by BIFREE, historical races such as the OLLA DE NÚRIA or to work alongside talented climbers such as Aida Torres Illamola.


Note: The photograph of this article is from the photographer @albertobeloki and has been ceded by Domusa Teknik 40 MLK.

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