Walden will be on the live streaming of Penyagolosa Trails

On Saturday, April 22 of 2023, WALDEN will be part of the live-streaming team of the Penyagolosa Trails with the presence of Tom Morgenstern and the agency team, with the leadership of Evasión TV. WALDEN’s co-director will be the journalist in charge of narrating this mountain race live, with Transgrancanaria’s director Carlos Torrent, who will be a technical commentator thanks to his knowledge of trail running. The two will certainly provide an exciting and detailed account of the race, which will allow viewers to experience it live.

Live streaming can be watched through its YouTube channel (Penyagolosa Trails – YouTube), and live on RTVE’s Teledeporte and with connections through Esport 3. Everyone will be able to enjoy an exciting broadcast of this emblematic Castelló de la Plana mountain test. With this coverage, the audience will not lose any details of the competition and can follow its development from anywhere.

The live stream will be carried out by Artic Outdoor, with a great experience in trail running events such as Transgrancanaria, Zegama – Aizkorri, Salomon Ultra Pirineu, and Gorbeia Suzien. Participants and spectators will enjoy a unique experience, thanks to the technology deployment that the production company will make to give the live TV signal with drones, 3 camera-runners, 2 camera bikers, and other cutting-edge technologies. More than 30 people will be working to bring this broadcast to your homes, without using helicopters in order to prevent an environmental impact.

The Penyagolosa Trails is one of the most prominent events in trail running, both nationally and internationally, and in this 2023 edition, it features the main sponsorship of a reference brand such as ASICS. This competition, which takes place in the province of Castellón, consists of two modalities, the MIM, where the runners have a maximum time of 15 hours to complete 60 kilometers and 5,300 meters of total height accumulated, and the CSP, where the participants have almost 26 hours to make a journey of 106 km and 10,000 meters of total height accumulated. A race that involves volunteers from mountain clubs from all the villages along the way, such as Borriol, Vilafamés, Useres, Atzaneta, Benafigos, Culla, Xodos, Villahermosa, and Vistabella.

The organization of the Penyagolosa Trails started in the 2022 edition for the first time to make a live broadcast of the race, with trail journalist Albert Jorquera in charge, and runner Manu Vilaseca as commentator. Thanks to the excellent work done by colleagues Jorquera, Vilaseca, and the entire Artic Outdoor team on the live-stream, the data reaffirmed the commitment made. More than 135,000 people enjoyed the Live Streaming event.

In addition, the largest audience was via the Teledeporte channel, which brought together 105,000 viewers. So this bet will go down in career history showing the importance of live broadcasting. The best way to reach a wide and diverse audience is with the follow-up to the race and helping to grow this sport!



Note: The photograph of this article has been ceded by the Penyagolosa Trails organization and is the photographer of Trail Magazine, QuimFarrero.


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